Trump Sign Wave

Trump Sign Wave

President Trump will deliver the Air Force Academy’s graduation speech on Thursday, May 30th in Colorado Springs. The El Paso County Republican Party is proud to show our support for the President on that day with roadside sign-waving. For additional information regarding final locations, logistics, and signs, please RSVP using the link below.

We will not be supporting any negative signage in our efforts. Please note that it is unlikely that there will be a Rally during the President’s trip to Colorado Springs.

We hope you can join us on May 30th!


Please note the following important information:

  • Due to the potential shutting down of I-25 for security, please arrive in the area by 8:00 am near the meeting location below

  • Meet on the grass just west of the Academy Hotel, located at N. Academy Blvd. and Kelly Johnson Boulevard

  • A security detail, including medical assistance, will be participating with EPC GOP for this event

  • Signs, mini flags and water bottles will be distributed

  • The area Trump Sign-Waving will occur is along the highway exit. Please note that it is not recommended that small children attend. Though participants will be behind a guard rail, the area is close to the highway and extreme caution should be exercised due to the danger that presents.

EPC GOP Chairman, Tamra Farah is the official media spokesperson for this event. However, citizen participants may be approached by the media with questions. Please use your own discretion in speaking to the media, or declining to do so.

All El Paso County GOP efforts will be positive and pro-Trump in nature. Protesters may be present.