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County Commissioners align against Colorado joining National Popular Vote scheme

Grand Junction, CO – Today, Commissioners Rose Pugliese and Mark Waller released a letter signed by 50 current and former county commissioners from across Colorado calling on Governor Polis and other statewide political leaders to reject SB 42 and the national popular vote scheme. Senate Bill 42 would commit Colorado to a national popular vote agreement that gives Colorado’s votes for President to states with more people like California, New York, and Illinois.

“In broadest terms, the elected leaders closest to our communities could not be more clear – Colorado’s votes for President should go to the candidate who wins Colorado – our votes should not go to the candidate who gets the most votes in California, New York, or Illinois,” said Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese. “Republicans, Independents, and Democrats have come together to stop the political leadership in Denver from giving away our votes for President.”

In the letter to state political leaders, the commissioners note that “the people of Colorado should determine who receives Colorado’s votes for President. Under no circumstance should Colorado’s votes for President and Vice-President be determined by voters in other states,” and that they “firmly believe that it is in the best interest of our state and the Coloradans we represent that Colorado’s electoral votes be allocated solely to the Presidential candidate and Vice-Presidential candidate who win the popular vote in Colorado.”

El Paso County Commissioner Mark Waller went a step further, blasting the national popular vote effort observing that “creating a scheme that gives Colorado’s votes to a candidate who might not even receive the most votes in Colorado disenfranchises our voters, our constituents.” Waller continued, “The national popular vote scheme is an end run around our U.S. Constitution. Plain and simple.”

The letter, signed by Republican and Independent commissioners, further underscores the deep opposition to Colorado joining the national popular vote agreement and strong support for the petition filed to allow Colorado voters the chance to reject the national popular vote scheme in November 2020.

The Commissioners’ letter finishes by noting: “We represent counties from across Colorado. This is not a partisan issue. It is a Colorado issue. We strongly support the petition filed to keep Colorado’s electoral votes in Colorado by setting aside Senate Bill 042 and putting it to a vote of the people in the November 2020 general election.”

Coloradans Vote is dedicated to keeping Colorado’s votes for President with Colorado voters by blocking the national popular vote scheme and giving Colorado voters a chance to decide the issue in November 2020. To put the national popular vote on the 2020 general election ballot, Coloradans Vote must collect and submit more than 125,000 signatures by August 1, 2019.